Our Purpose and Limitations

InstaMarch is an organization that provides free mentorship to help anyone become a more effective, efficient and connected citizen. Our purpose is to unbound intelligence and ingenuity. We do this through collaborative works where all parties are involved in understanding the work better and involved in decision making. This includes cultural works such as performance art and reading groups. In order to achieve a world where more people are encouraged to use their heart and intelligence and where we all prosper together, we must hypothetically limit our range of action in order achieve our dreams.

All such limitations are open for debate, but this is an approach to finding the fewest limitations in which we can come to agreements about integrity in activism itself. These exist mostly to give volunteers a clear sense of what matters to us in staying proud of our work. Not all people will agree with our limits and that cannot make them bad. We are many individuals seeking cooperation. You may truly believe that different forces are crucial in how we make the world a better place. We don't want to waste anybody's time.

  1. We limit our work to peaceful work.
  2. We avoid conflict with the law.
  3. We do not "push" people to do anything. We let them pull us when we are of value to them.
  4. We limit ourselves to to providing our customers with what really matters to them.
  5. All media we generate goes to the Public Domain.
  6. We share and compare evidence. We want/need to believe that our work shall be used for a meaningful labor that leads to a world of more integrity and kindness.
  7. Prioritizing the work personally believed to be most meaningful ahead of the work believed to be less meaningful as part of a contemporary solution for morale problems.
  8. We limit InstaMarch to non-profit messages.
  9. We limit ourselves to respectful and kind behavior towards all life.
  10. We are a non-partisan organization that mediates contexts for diverse perspectives and open dialogue.